So I messaged Tumblr people (via email) how we can report blogs that post those nudes. (Since they took out the opinion of fast report from us)

All you have to do is copy link to the problematic post and write e-mail to the

It is better when you have more than one post tho. (Like now I’ve gave them around 5 - and I didn’t even go long on our bby’s tag).

So if you’ll come across any abusive post you can report it this way.

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Jennifer Lawrence on tripping up the stairs at the Oscars.

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Just finished watching Bey’s and Jay’s On the Run - Paris

and let me tell ya if they ever break up I’ll stop believing in love. 

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NEWS: Jennifer Lawrence with fans at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas on September, 19th.

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X-men DOFP gag reel

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people who think jennifer or any of these women owe them an apology for  loving their body


THEY.DO.NOT.they don´t owe you apology.they don´t owe you explanations.

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"Jennifer Lawrence came into Taylor [Swift’s] dressing room at the IHeartRadio Music Festival and was praising her."

—Andrea Swift (Taylor’s mom)
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This movie is called the silver linings? Is it good?

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